Communication possesses a point, goal, and power.

Therefore, everything we do is designed to ensure that our client-specific messages reach the target audience. We believe that creative thinking and innovation are essential elements of communication, so we go beyond the limits of traditional public relations.

LEAD Corporate Communication is a public relations and communication consultancy company operating since 1995, part of the international network Eurocom Worldwide. We posess the necesary contacts, skills, and knowledge to provide communication in the most effective way.

Inga Latkovska,

chairman of the board, partner

Inga Latkovska is one of the most experienced public relations professionals in Latvia. She has worked in the field of communication since 1995, when she launched the agency PR Stils. Extensive experience in stakeholder’s relations, lobbying and corporate communications. Having received a Master's degree in Communication Science at the University of Latvia, she is currently pursuing doctoral studies.

Silvestrs Savickis,


Silvestrs Savickis has worked in marketing and public relations since 2000. Founder of Versus Grey Public Relations Agency. With a previous 8-year work experience in the Latvian diplomatic service (1993-2000), in leading positions in the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Silvestrs has received a Master's degree in social sciences at the University of Latvia and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Riga Technical University.